Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunderpussy

Open Fire


With a name like Alabama Thunderpussy and cover art depicting a viking warrior in the midst of battle, a band has got a lot of preconceptions to overcome. Just looking at the cover I thought to myself, this could really suck!

Shocked I was, then, when my speakers blew out with a perfect combination of ’80s metal and ’90s grunge. Vocalist Kyle Thomas has a singing/screaming style close to the likes of Chris Cornell and Layne Staley — and of course, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains would not have come to be were it not for bands like Slayer, Van Halen and Motorhead.

What Alabama Thunderpussy do is pay homage to those simpler times of parked cars, beer busts, and loud heavy metal. Oddly enough, I was never part of that scene, but listening to Open Fire makes me wish that I had tossed on some tight black jeans, a denim jacket, a pair of biker boots and joined in the party.

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