Antennas’ Sins is a study in two disparate ends of the pop music spectrum: high-class orchestral- and populist-dance. The album begins with the former. “Gonna Get it Right” skates around on icily aloof electronics and high-pitched androgynous vocals from Christian Bjorkman, before upping the warmth significantly with a string section and glockenspiel melody to melt the frosty synth blips, but maintain the pristine sheen. At times, the elegance doesn’t work in the band’s favor. “Always on My Mind” and “Untie the Knot” get bogged down with too many attempts to raise the bar when a simple rock song would suffice. Thankfully, there are tracks like “Adapt!” that have a sheer insistence from its rhythm section, where frills aren’t necessary, but act as a nice garnish. The same praise is worthy for “C’mon,” a garage rock/glam hybrid that’s explosive throughout, even during the momentary horn harmonies culled from classic funk. The disc’s closer, “Someone For Us All,” finds the connecting threads between the two sides of the band’s personality and produces perhaps the group’s best song. After a tentative, ambient introduction, a loose and winding path is forged with nearly every tone and texture the band has at its disposal. If this is Antennas’ definitive statement this time around, we’re going to have a lot to look forward to on their next album.

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