Number 1 in Iran

Apollo Braunshtein Records

If you can get past the rather disturbing cover photo of Mr. Apollo Braunshtein in hot pants and a Yassar Arafat beard, you can begin the process of assimilating his rather disturbing brand of music. The opening cut kneecaps you with the juvenile refrain, “There’s a party in my pants and everyone’s coming.” It takes some courage to record something that stupid AND not show a sense of irony. If you get through that, the next cut, “Saddam Hussein is a Gay icon,” contains a a long list of his fantasy characters. Who would have guessed Donald Rumsfeld held any appeal for the Alternative Lifestyle set?

After the initial weirdness which makes SOME sort of a political statement there’s a variety of material ranging from ’90s dance to explicit directions for oral sex. While the music is catchy, the language is NOT Republican Approved with themes revolving around the most abusive forms of love. If you were writing Cabaret and casting Hedwig as Sally Bowles, this would be your soundtrack.

Apollo Braun: www.apollobraun.com

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