Fucked Up

Fucked Up

Fucked Up

Hidden World

Jade Tree

The band is Fucked Up.

In their press release they reveal that 3/5 of the band suffer from mental illness — the most extreme diagnosis being vocalist Pink Eye’s schizophrenia. The unstable head state combined with his Dicky-Barrett-on-acid growl, and Hollywood serial killer looks give this band’s Jade Tree debut Hidden World a little added darkness.

Seeming to revel in their own oxymoronic composition, this Canadian quintet sound at first listen like a hardcore punk band in the tradition of Black Flag, but their songs average 6 minutes in length (album closer “Vivian Girls” clocks in at over 9 minutes!). Despite the unorthodox length, the band never sinks into progressive rock masturbating; somehow their experimental sidebars add needed texture to what may otherwise be just another aggressive punk band. A punk band with an inherent ear for catchy rhythms, mind you, and yet the vocals are so blisteringly angry, they can only come from years and years of death metal enjoyment.

Fucked Up are a band not living on the edge, but hanging by a vine just over the edge and above a rocky reservoir.

Jade Tree: www.jadetree.com

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