Great Northern

Great Northern

Great Northern

Trading Twilight For Daylight

Eenie Meenie

Great Northern are the dream you have on a cold winter night, bundled up in piles of comforters and soft pillows. Rachel Stolte’s voice is heartbreaking in its beauty and melancholy. Like Aimee Mann, Sarah McLachlan or UK artist Texas, she’s blessed with one of those voices that just suck you in without trying. You know those female voices that are not a whisper, and not a howl, but somewhere in between? A voice that doesn’t make you cry, but doesn’t make you feel all giddy inside either? A voice that is so haunting that you stare at the speakers trying to figure out what is so gorgeous about it?

When this unforgettable voice is coupled with those of male counterpart Solon Bixler on songs like “Home,” the effect is audio equivalent of the part in a movie where the protagonist is reaching their emotional peak. The whole of Trading Twilight For Daylight is cinematic in tone. If The Shins could become the soundtrack to Garden State, then Great Northern can easily be the music for the next Cameron Crowe flick, and “Just A Dream” is the perfect song to play during the opening and closing credits.

“Was I dreaming?/ Was I awake?/ Why don’t you come home…today?”

Great Northern:

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