The Spoon


The Spoon deposited instant images of 10,000 rain drops falling and freezing on a panoramic slab of glass, instantly transporting my psyche to another place that was cold and detached, but nonetheless hard to leave. This may sound a little out there and existential, but it’s the very thing the Ilad seems to be after (they politely apologize for it on the small slip of paper that came with the CD). The Spoon is dripping with moments of intense introspection and indecipherable albeit understandable lyrical expressions that communicate a concern for the world that surrounds this quartet from Richmond, Virginia.

This 8 track offering drifts back and forth between avant-garde jazz rock and electronic interstellar lounge/jazz jams. The melodies engulf and it’s nearly impossible to fight the desire to get lost in the tracks. I can forgive the touch of overindulgence because the vibes deliver a sonically satisfying helping of what it might be like if Edger Allen Poe and Ray Bradbury got together, formed a band, built the recording studio on Mars and elected the musical spawn of the Band of Gypsies-era Jimi Hendrix and John Coltrane to produce it. The Spoon was transported to listeners last year and the group plans to dispatch their second offering sometime in 2007.


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