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The Locust

The Locust

New Erections


What does The Locust sound like?

Batteries in a blender. Rabid dogs on acid let loose in the kitchen. A Kubrick-ian vision of the apocalypse. Autistic children hopped up on sugar and handing guitars, drums and keyboards.

In other words: complete and total chaos.

New Erections is the band’s sophomore release and this time they brought in The Mars Volta producer Alex Newport to make an attempt at bottling the San Diego band’s combustible art-rock. The result is a fast-paced face slam into the old anarchic world of punk rock. There is little in the way of song structure, yet somehow the songs flow in and out of one’s consciousness in a way that’s somehow melodic.

The Locust are not for everyone. In fact, you’ll probably hear only noise when you press play. That’s fine, go throw on some Coldplay and leave the challenging stuff for those of us about to rock!

The Locust:

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