The Dark Romantics

The Dark Romantics

The Dark Romantics

Some Midnight Kissin’


Central Florida has got another great band in its midst. The Dark Romantics have mined the dark alterna-rock of that late great era of the ’80s (The Smiths, Jesus & Mary Chain, Cure, New Order) and added their own southern porch rock twist to create a promising debut in Some Midnight Kissin’.

The band is comprised of Eric Collins and Dean Paul, both of whom have played in Orlando bands with varying levels of popularity, including Denison Mars and John Ralston’s band. The friends brought their wives into the mix, whom also happen to be sisters. It’s also very sexy, very dark, very romantic.

These cute all-in-the-family details would mean nothing if the music didn’t hold up, but 8 seconds into the disc – when the dark Morrissey-meets-Brandon-Flowers vocals kick in on the opening “So Confused (And We Like It)” – I have falling completely for The Dark Romantics.

The Lujo Records release, produced by Starflyer 59’s Jason Martin, is as strong a debut as a band could hope for and aside from the opening track is packed full of darkly gorgeous gems. The album’s highlight, “Another Song For Another Night,” should find it’s way onto your playlist and into your subconscious very soon.

The Dark Romantics:

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