The Fabulous Rudies

The Fabulous Rudies

The Fabulous Rudies

The Fabulous Rudies

Fun One Records

On the strength of soCal ska, a handful of socio-political anthems and the liberating vibe of reggae and dub, The Fabulous Rudies offer up a chance to skank into a perpetual circle anchored by the idea that demanding freedom can be just as fun as it is serious.

Notwithstanding a little bit of cheese at the get go, most of the vocals are powered by the soulful croon of Casandra Anderson who admonishes with “Keep on Moving,” then floats her way through Nena’s “99 Luft Ballons.”

To show that this debut album doesn’t take itself too seriously, its humorous tongue-in-cheek centerpiece “Richard Gere” is the album’s funniest, easiest to giggle at and skank to if you (still) feel the urge here in the 21st century. Its wit is perfectly positioned after “ Finding Understanding” – a ska horn filled introspective hunt for life’s bigger meaning – and before the gospel choir anthem “Free North America,” which borrows from a Nelson Mandela freedom song by the Special A.K.A.

The humor works and The Rudies were wise to toss in a little satirical humor amidst the in-your-face, do-something-about-the-world-now anthems. Their Clash admiration is apparent and inspiring and they do their best to relive the political power of reggae’s roots and combine it with the playfulness of ska to initiate a little bit of world change.

With the final two tracks “How Can You Save The World?” and “How Can You Save The…Dub?” the octet lays back-to-back reggae tunes that clear away the humor and showcase their chops. Smart choice for producer Sebastian Robertson to end the Rudies’ first attempt and send the listener off grooving and thinking this 2006 debut album was much longer than just nine tracks.

The Fabulous Rudies:

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