Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club

A Lesson In Crime EP

Paper Bag

Sometimes it’s good to keep the people wanting more. With a band’s debut release this is key — strip away all the frills, toss the half-assed songs that you’re sick of playing anyway, and deliver a short but sweet introduction to what you plan on delivering. Like the first paragraph of a term paper, an EP should grab an audience but not give away every little boring detail.

Toronto’s Tokyo Police Club are either savvy enough to have figured this all out, or they are so young of a band that they’ve only got 7 songs to share. Whatever the case, the 7 songs they deliver (in just over 15 minutes!) on A Lesson In Crime are seamless garage rock confections that would not sound out of place performed by The Strokes.

It’s got fun jangly guitars, crisp beats and hand claps. And you can listen to the whole thing on your way to the grocery store!

It worked, boys, you’ve got me wanting more!

Tokyo Police Club:

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