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Anushka Pop

Anushka Pop


Sassy Boy

Formed in 2000 in Cambridge, MA, the 3 piece Anushka Pop has mastered the formula for simple and straight-forward power-pop. Each track off their sophomore offering, Akathena is uptempo and infectious. To me, it’s reminiscent of ’70s Cheap Trick, a touch of Weezer with some Joe Jackson-esque vocals. It’s not going to change the face of music; their songs aren’t political anthems but it’s worth a listen. John Soares (vocals and guitar) has the melodic howl down to a science but in a good way. The all important rhythm section of Chris Welch (drums) and Johnny Arguedas (bass and backing vocals) are the foundation to build on.

Anushka Pop could easily be the soundtrack for sitting the back seat of your friends ’78 Chevy Nova drinking a stale Milwaukee’s Best in the local mall parking lot. It’s familiar and fun.

Anushka Pop:

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