Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water

Bodies of Water

Ears Will Pop & Eyes Will Blink


In the music world, it’s always good to have a “secret weapon,” some sort of distinguishing characteristic that not only sets your work apart from others, but can help create enough variation in your own canon. Bodies of Water’s weapon is an unstoppable 4-part harmony that is so unstoppable they’re unable to contain it on any of this album’s 13 tracks. This amped-up chorus of every member is an unquestionably an asset, lifting songs like the opener “Our Friends Appear Like the Dawn” from charming indie pop to an heavenly invocation. The same can be said of the latter half of “These Are the Eyes” where the chorus blooms into vocal rounds with the focus on David Metcalf and Meredith Metcalf’s pitchy, heartfelt squeal. That sense of personal investment on Meredith’s part, of pouring all her energy into her performance is one of the most endearing aspects of this disc. While the relentless chorus feels occasionally overly relied upon, Meredith’s less-than-perfect voice cuts through the mix with an air of modesty.

Backing up these lush vocal melodies, the band borrow heavily from the contemporary collectivist handbook. There’s a high reliance on Arcade Fire’s propulsive and sweaty rhythm section, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s disco/dance punk allusions and Rilo Kiley’s twee-folk, among others. In all these forms, it’s a wonderful accompaniment to the joyous, communal voices. This band stands a good chance of becoming the next defining statement in indie folk.

Bodies of Water:

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