The American Plague

The American Plague

The American Plague

God Bless the American Plague

In Music We Trust/Long live Crime Records

Ladies and Gentlemen! Mullets of all sizes! Get ready for the latest in headbangin’. God Bless the American Plague by The American Plague is equal parts classic rock and Metallica and they are ready to friggin’ rock. For the most part, they succeed.

“Sympathy for the King” is a blazing opener that should get all of you Metallica fans’ attention with the blitzing guitars and growling vocals, this could have been an outtake from Master of Puppets.

On the contrary side of things, “9 Times Outta 10” is an extremely generic song that even a cover band at the local bar could do better. They come back with “Burn It Down,” which is a rockin’ groovy tune, but just when you think the song’s over, they kick the beat up and start shreddin’. Not only that, but they follow it with a cover of “Ace of Spades” that is bound to make someone’s ears bleed.

Now you may be asking yourself where the classic rock is? Well, have you listened to classic rock stations lately? They include Metallica. God Bless the American Plague is one of the best hard rock albums around. Forget Saliva, Drowning Pool and all those “radio-friendly” hard rock groups. The American Plague blows them away.

The American Plague:

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