This just in: Moby and Karl Rove? Not related.

This just in: Moby and Karl Rove? Not related.

Well, this answers a few questions I had, certainly:

Karl Rove writes to Moby

Moby recently told about how his mom once gave a baby up for adoption and he therefore has a half-brother somewhere. “I jokingly said, ‘Maybe it’s Karl Rove,'” Moby said. After the story appeared online, Moby said he received a letter from the White House:

“The envelope looked as if it was from 1952,” he said. The letter was from Rove and said, “Dear Moby (or is that Mr. Moby), It’s not me. I have no musical ability and am 19 years older (assuming you’re 37). So you can breathe easier. On the other hand, James Carville is musically inclined and bald, too. Do you like crawfish etouffee?” Moby, a liberal vegan, wrote us, “Needless to say I was a bit stunned. A letter from President Bush’s brain? The man without whom [Bush] would be doing the alligator on the floor of a Hooters in Biloxi? I was also a bit stunned because the letter was funny.”

Glad to see Rove has enough time on his hands to send mail to popstars. Then again, any time spent on this, that’s time he isn’t plotting another war or stolen election, right?

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