The Two Coreys (A&E) Episode 1- Reunited

The Two Coreys (A&E) Episode 1- Reunited

Is this concept really a good idea to begin with? Hell yeah it is! Put two volatile former addicted child stars in a house, one a slob, one who is a little anal retentive, toss in one uppity wife, stir it up and this is just what you end up with. It is so full of opportunities for conflict that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Right from the get go, you know it’s coming. Haim has a big chip on his shoulder and a devil may care attitude. He’s disrespectful and you can see that he’s resentful about Feldman finding sobriety, a wife and happiness when he can’t.  Feldman has toned his lifestyle down about 100 notches, he’s worked hard to be a better person, to stabilize his life and get his career back in gear. The Mrs, well, she’s the Mrs. and we all know what that means. You can see she’s a little worried that Haim is going to reel her big fish right back to those crazy years and she has good reason to worry. Haim is obviously charismatic and seems to have a big place is Feldman’s life.

During the first epi -Haim tracks mud on the carpets, leaves ice cream on the bed, puts out cigarettes in glasses and smoked in their house. Feldman and the Mrs. have the PETA Campaign person, Nicole over for dinner to discuss some of their causes and how the Feldmans can help. Haim is instantly flirting with her and slagging their cause and lifestyle. He even orders a pizza which shows up while they are at the dinner table. The look of disappointment and embarrassment on the Mrs. face is unmistakable. But you have to think that she knows this stuff is going to happen, she’s had him stay with them before with disastrous results. After dinner, Haim gets Nicole out by the jacuzzi and invites himself over to dinner as is he’s doing her a favor. Aww, too bad Haim, Nicole has a boyfriend. The Mrs. is crying in the kitchen over that saying that Haim is cheapening the reason that Nicole is there and all the work they are trying to do. But like all henpecked husbands, Feldman smoothes it all over once again ..until the next episode of course.

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