Broken Poets

Broken Poets

Broken Poets

Optimism In E Minor


The collection of ’80s-style waistcoats, woolly hats and flowery blouses sported by the Broken Poets’ three members in the insert photo of the band’s Optimism In Eminor proves that image isn’t their top priority. However, vocalist and songwriter Tim McDonald has clearly been more concerned with writing a superb collection of cerebral roots rock than worrying about wardrobe decisions.

There’s a real depth to material such as the uplifting “Think Again” and the stirring “Say You Don’t Love Me” that recalls giants of the genre, Gathering Field, Angie Aparo and Dave Pahanish. The key to the Broken Poets’ material seems to be the way McDonald’s intense lyrics wrestle with some sublime melodies and arrangements — most successfully on the quite brilliant “Higher Than The Sun” and the rousing “Along The Way.”

Broken Poets may not be a marketing man’s dream, but Optimism In E Minor is a victory of substance over style.

Broken Poets:

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