New England is Sinking

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Connecticut’s Deathkiller may sound at first like one more hardcore band, but closer inspection finds that they have got more in common with blues metal master Danzig and melodic hardcore heroes Lifetime than perhaps even they would think. Vocalist/guitarist Matt McIntosh (who did time in Hatebreed) switches back and forth between the typical hardcore howl, and an emo-ready melodic way of singing that sounds quite close to Lifetime’s Ari Katz. The same can be said of the actual music, which bounces between hard and heavy, and bouncy punk rock.

So where does the Danzig comparison come into play? “Let the Good Times Fold” – a song that bridges the gap between 1988’s “Twist of Cain” and “Skincarver” off 2004’s Circle of Snakes.

The level of noise Deathkiller (and can we just pause for a moment and appreciate the ridiculousness and large ego that would provoke someone to call their band Deathkiller!) are able to manage with just three players is perhaps the most impressive thing about them. Drummer Anthony Realbuto used to play with NYC’s Most Precious Blood, and he can certainly be attributed for bringing in the heavy foot factor that is essential in a band like this. Rounding out the trio, and keeping the testosterone in check, is bassist Christina Chiaramonte.

Top tunes: “New England is Sinking,” “Let the Good Times Fold” and the humorously named “Carlos D is in my Top 8.”


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