Kill The Alarm

Kill The Alarm

Kill The Alarm

Fire Away

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Kill The Alarm is fronted by Garen Gueyikian — otherwise known as former indie artist Granian. The high-octane alternative rock in evidence on Fire Away is a marked contrast to the gentler acoustic style for which he was previously known.

Recalling Matchbox Twenty, Switchfoot, July For Kings and Joe Hedges, Fire Away may be an independent album but it has the songs and a flawless production that suggests otherwise.

Explosive opener “Sit Up” sets the tone for what is to come, with “Collide” and the reworked version of Granian tune “Immune” particular highlights. The powerful ballad “No More Excuses” is another standout, while the punchy title track and brilliant “Uncovered” epitomize the energy and quality of the album as a whole.

My only gripe is that with nine songs in total, Fire Away is over too quickly, fueling anticipation for a lengthier set in the not too distant future.

Kill the Alarm:

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