The Measure [Sa]

The Measure [Sa]

The Measure [Sa]

Historical Fiction

Team Science

Male/female vocals, when done well, are always an intriguing element in music. Whether born out of sexual connection (Sonic Youth), or brain-butting sexual tension (Pixies), the pairing of soft and hard can be a sure bet to grab a listener’s attention. Maintaining interest after that initial auditory notice isn’t always so simple a formula.

New Brunswick, New Jersey’s The Measure [Sa] have not only captured my ear, but kept me coming back for me for days now. Their debut full length Historical Fiction has managed to stir up the energetic, fun parts of mid ’90s pop-punk and indie rock into one lip-smacking concoction. Sounding a touch like Liz Phair guest starring on a Jawbox album, The Measure [Sa] — the “Sa” technically stands for “stictly analog,” but the band is open to interpretation so feel free to create your own explanation — seem resistant to cornering themselves into one style of sound. I wouldn’t call them punk, but I wouldn’t say that was a wrong description either. Shaking off adjectives and titles, they stand just a foursome of friends who got together to make good music, and somehow managed to achieve that goal where so many others have failed.

By the way, “Autonomously” will be your new favorite song.

The Measure [Sa]:

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