Mission:Man Band (VH1) Episode 1

Mission:Man Band (VH1) Episode 1

I swear by all that is holy, within the first 2 minutes, I was giggling. I know that this is going to be ridiculous. Rich Cronin is a complete twat. You’d think that with his battle with leukemia he’d have a better outlook on life and the Color Me Badd guy, Bryan Abrams is a tool who lives in Oklahoma stacking tires for a living. Those two are so serious that it makes me kinda sad.  The 98 Degrees guy, Jeff Timmons is at least still kinda hot and has been working in the music industry behind the scenes….and Chris Kirkpatrick is entertaining and from the looks of his house, he’s not doing too bad… it’s like putting 2 diseased cows in a pasture with 2 healthy ones. Let’s see if any of these bovines survive.

They meet up with their prospective manager, who is a total steel balled blonde. She’s not going to let these clowns get the better of her, which is a rather interesting dynamic. She wants them to sing a few bars of “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, and they all band together and say no. But the weakness for boobs prevails for all but Jeff who stands firm.

Jeff is very reluctant to stay and do this and is up all night thinking about it. He is ready to throw in the towel, with Katie, the manager, sends them for a Native American ritual for new beginnings and then he’s sucked in. All 4 of them were really moved by the ritual and are gungho Man Banders now.

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