Mission:Man Band (VH1) Episode 2

Mission:Man Band (VH1) Episode 2

The guys get some music from their new producer, who has done Mary J, Usher and some other R&B songsters, and they try to write lyrics and a melody to it. It’s pretty bad….nothing that I think they could actually record.

Katie gets a personal trainer for Bryan since he’s tippin’ the scales at 3 large. But his long term drinking problem rears it’s ugly head already. He blows off the 2nd session with the trainer because he’s still drunk in the morning when she shows up. Chris throws them a party at his house and not only did Bryan drink, he drank the entire next day. Chris had a talk with him about it, and how Bryan asked them to keep him drinking but it didn’t seem to help.

Katie told them that they have a gig booked already…the halftime show at an Orlando Magic game. One song. One chance for it to go horribly wrong.

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