Rock of Love-Bret Michaels (VH1) Episode 3

Rock of Love-Bret Michaels (VH1) Episode 3

The Motocross episode, yeah, I did say Motocross. Now what could be more fun than watching these bimbos attempt to ride dirt bikes? Well, a good old fashioned catfight, that’s what.  The 12 girls left are kicking into high gear, all puns intended, to win dates with Bret. In teams of 4, the girls have a dirt bike relay race for a date with Bret. The winning team at least wasn’t the real ho bag team so that’s the bonus.

Back at the house, the war between Lacey and Dallas has heat up to the boiling point. Lacey’s strategy is to get Dallas to hit her so she’ll get tossed out of the house. Lacey is a real whack job. After Dallas’ animal skin fashion show, Lacey just loses it and starts to push all Dallas’ buttons. Finally on the stairs, Lacey won’t get off of Dallas. She is planted 2 inches from her at every move. Rodeo just comes in from behind and tosses Lacey in some weird wrestling lock move. The best quote of the show was Rodeo’s. “I may be a southern lady, but I manhandled that bitch.”

The dates all go rather well, as well as dates with 2 chicks at a time can go. Rodeo warns Bret about Lacey and the incident at the house. Sam is reserved at first but then starts talking about sex and makes Magdalena feel a little third wheel.

Dallas and Kristia don’t get backstage passes this time out so we are down to 10 lovely ladies (and I use that term wayyyy loosely). Dallas, who is obviously pissed that she didn’t make it through, walks straight out the door without a word to Bret. Lacey starts with the comments about Dallas having no respect and no class.  Lacey ….stirring up the shit until the last possible second, huh?

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