Scott Baio is 45 and Single (VH1)- Episode 4

Scott Baio is 45 and Single (VH1)- Episode 4

Doc Ali’s assignments for this week are for Scott to visit an ex named Sheila and talk with her about parenting, spend some time in a preschool and meet Renee’s daughter. Can ya feel the trauma coming?

Scott finally runs into a brick wall with one of his ex’s. Sheila harbors some ill will and talks total crap to him. She makes him wait outside for her, she rolls her eyes, dismisses everything he says and you can just feel the ugly rolling off her. She flat out tells him that he shouldn’t get married and have kids. She doesn’t think that him having kids is a good idea. Apparently, when they were shagging, he just showed up one day with Pamela Anderson and that’s how she knew she was a goner. Not exactly a smooth move there, Mr. Baio.

He hits the preschool that Doc Ali sets up for him and honestly, I don’t think he does too badly there. He isn’t horrible with the kids but you can tell he doesn’t have a lot of experience with kids of this age. I think in time, he’d be just fine.

He takes his chumps to Costco to buy a present for Renee’s daughter. Not exactly where I would have told him to go and he ends up getting her some convection oven/microwave thing because she’s 17 and going off to college next year. I think the kid would have preferred an IPod or something…. I mean, really…kitchen appliances? For the first meeting of a 17 year old girl of the woman you are dating?

At Renee’s place, Scott seems genuinely thrilled to be seeing Renee at all. He tries to sneak a little nookie but, Renee isn’t playing that when her daughter is going to walk in any moment.  He takes the daughter shopping – which is a much better idea than a toaster oven thing – and while they are in a store, some teenage cassanova comes over and starts flirting. It’s pretty funny to see Scott’s guard go up as he eyes the kid with total recognition. He knows the kid’s game since he was the master at it. I think that little bit of protectiveness was a good thing and perhaps, God help me for saying it, Scott might be growing up.  The daughter puts him on the spot a few times with questions about infidelity, marriage and warnings not to hurt her mom. Scott says as he drops her off, that if he married Renee it would be like having Doc Ali for a stepdaughter…and that wouldn’t be so bad.

The teaser for the next episode involves midgets, pajamas and backrubs. Oh, yeah…

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