The Dead Zone (USA)

The Dead Zone (USA)

I have seen every episode of this show but…
I do not like Stephen King – his novels or the movies based on them.
I love Anthony Michael Hall and think that the geek from Sixteen Candles is now hot.
I drug my heels kicking and screaming not to like this show.

The Dead Zone is now on Epi 9 of this, what is supposed to be the last, season. Bruce still hasn’t made his appearance, so I’m hoping that comes soon.  It’s just not the same without him. But, dayum, this show is getting good…getting back to the way it was and getting deeper into this mystery with Walt. I think it’s all a set up from Janus, but… we’ll see.  It’s still juicy stuff!

Johnny and Sheriff Turner are on an even field for the moment, but I think something is going to push that over a slope soon. Sarah and JJ are still living with Johnny and Johnny is still in love with her. Sarah found out that Johnny had a vision the day Walt died and that he couldn’t stop it, so now she’s thinking there is no future for them. But, he’ll change her mind…hey, AMH could change my mind!

I think that shortly they are going to have to start trying to wrap up the Stilson storyline because we are 9 in with only 4 eps left. I’d be okay with them not really wrapping that up though, I always thought that the shows with one mystery solved worked out better. When the Stilson story was in full swing and I was getting into it, they sort of eased off of it, and then it was only an occasion episode.  That really confused a lot of people I think, and that might have been why the ratings dropped in past seasons.

There is so much speculation out there among the die hard fans of the show as to how it will all end.  Hmmm, perhaps Walt isn’t dead at all? And… did you notice the names of the episodes this season? Hint- first letter of each.  All this mystery, hopefully will unfold soon.

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