One Day You’ll Dance For Me Tokyo!


Such is my current fascination with Scandinavian music that I’ll willingly request smooth electronica — a previously intentionally ignored musical genre — be sent my way. The appeal of the eternal beat of house music has escaped me for the longest time, but, truth be told, One Day You’ll Dance For Me Tokyo! goes a distance to changing my mind.

Ole Roar Granli, the man behind the machines, certainly likes to keep things simple, extending 4/4 beats for six or seven minutes without the slightest hiccup thrown in to disturb the groove. This might have been the European club music of choice when we eased into the new millennium, but Granli’s production flourishes feel more strongly rooted in the ’80s — check out the whirring analogue impression of alarms on “It’s All I Am” or where the gooey low end meets the etherealness of foggy sustain. There’s also no ignoring his thrice covering of The Smith’s “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.” His perfectly-shaped beats may have eaten up the original rhythm section, but he’s retained the classic string melody on vintage synths. Given the task of filling in for Morrissey is Anje Oyen Vister — who also appears on the stellar opener “Wouldn’t Wanna Go Without You.” Her voice, full of a quiet melancholy, warmth and Scandinavian diction is an ideal compliment to the music Dalminjo spins. The other vocal contributors manage to hold their own, but some have trouble finding a distinguishing personality amidst the decades of other club chanteuses. While this disc certainly won’t revolutionize the dance world, it will be more than able to keep the party lively for at least another 80 minutes.

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