Evil Beaver

Evil Beaver

Evil Beaver

In the Spirit of Resilient Optimism


I’m not sure just what sort of beaver they’re talking about, but with previous CDs titled Lick It and Pleased to Eat You, I have my suspicions. Evil Beaver is one of those drum and bass outfits that aims for maximum noise with minimum instruments, and they succeed quite well. The bass seems to overpower the drums most of the time, and rather than aim for a danceable sound, the pacing of this disc is more like a ’90s punk band with goth-sounding vocals sung by the slightly ridiculous sounding “Evie Evil.” Her lyrics are pretty decent and not that hard to hear. Trite as that sounds, my attitude is if I can’t hear it, you’re not singing clearly, so why bother with any lyric other than “oh baby baby”?

I had a little trouble with their website, as my corporate fire wall blocked it and I got a stern lecture on porno sites. However, when I looked it up at home, it was pretty benign, offering tour dates and history and no dirty pictures. Ms. Evil runs this show, there have been a pair of drummers, and her name is on everything. It’s a worthy disc, and there always feels like something interesting is happening with the music and words.

Evil Beaver: www.evilbeaver.us

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