Frank Black

Frank Black

Frank Black

’93 – ’03

Cooking Vinyl

Ten years worth of Black Francis on one disc with a nifty bonus disc of live material that varies with the release — U.S, Japan and European releases each have a different set list of live tracks. Any self-respecting fan is going to get all 3 versions, of course. This is the perfect retrospective of Frank Black’s solo work. The tracks that were chosen are just teasers of what is on the rest of the originating albums. They pique your interest enough to want to pick up the rest of his collection, which thankfully is readily available.

The tracks from his nine solo albums are in chronological order which is a brilliant move by Black and the label, so you can feel the progression. As the tracks flow, you can hear how he is stepping further out of the shadow of the Pixies. He is one artist who is seriously underrated because of his indie past. The journey culminates with the final track “Threshold Apprehension.” off his newest Bluefinger to be released September 2007.

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