Genghis Tron

Genghis Tron

Genghis Tron

Dead Mountain Mouth

Crucial Blast

Is this the new face of heaviness for the 21st Century? We fucking might not all be wearing unisex jumpsuts, eating capsule meals and tooling around in our flying cars while benign robots dressed as maids and/or butlers take care of the heavy lifting, but we sure as fuck deserve to be listening to state-of-the-art heavy fucking metal. Hence Genghis Tron’s colossal LP Dead Mountain Mouth. Building on and fulfilling the promise hinted at by the first wave of freak-tech-metallers like Nocturnus, Berserker, Godflesh and Swamp Terrorists, Genghis Tron erupt right out of the gate with the foam-mouthed rage of Brutal Truth or early Napalm Death, the wild freedom of Melt Banana and Wolf Eyes, the wide-eyed wonder of tech oddballs like Aphex Twin and the Warped Records crew and the oppressive claustrophobic sound that was so evident on Integrity’s last record.

Frenzied speed workouts are haphazardly pasted together with almost childlike electronic doodles and washes, found-noise, startlingly progressive instrumental patterns, throat-shredding screams and spasms and state-of-the-art grindcore mosh-o-rama. And what do you get? Well, besides raw barbed-wire genius, you get a cohesive piece of extremity that makes you wonder why everyone else isn’t following their lead.

Dead Mountain Mouth is a vision of utopian violence. The future’s so bright…

Crucial Blast:

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