Infinite Delay


This was not what I needed riding the high that Tulsa Drone’s experiments in longevity had given me. Graboids lo-fi forays into electronic sustains bookend most of the tracks on this disc nicely, but, as happens too often in instrumental music, the group feels the need to add unnecessary ham-fisted passages to counteract the slower modest moments. Unfortunately, this comes in the form of quasi-metal riffing and bland textures, giving the album an overall grating metal sheen. Worse yet is “A Certain Ratio of Ducks” which features some sub-socially conscious rap (and a dreadful rhyme scheme) set to a strange trip-hop/gangsta hybrid. It breaks whatever focus these guys were aiming for so completely that the listener can’t possibly regain focus to listen to the remaining two songs as more than background noise while they attempt to figure out what on earth it is that’s just been spat in their ears.


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