Streaking across the sky in a blinding flash, KMFDM capture the spotlight with the release of their latest assault. Tohuvabohu is pure adrenaline at its brutal best. Here Sasha and company display great maturity and production wizardry that is unmatched. The aptly-titled “Super Power” starts things off with massive synthesized bass and attitude to spare. The drum programming and song structure are outstanding. Before long, this gem will engulf you and take control. “Looking For Strange” follows with a soft whisper intro that evolves into an electronic dance menace. Lucia Cifarelli provides her seductive vocals to this commando where listeners are taken hostage. Being held captive was never so satisfying. The rapid fire “Tohuvabohu” continues on this path combining trance and EBM textures alongside piercing vocals. Reminiscent of tracks from their classic 1995 Nihil release, “Tohuvabohu” will have club goers going wild. This one will easily find itself on repeat mode. Out of this world, bleeps come next with “I Am What I Am” strumming into gear. Lucia once again proves herself as the sexiest and most powerful female vocalist in the genre. Her unique style and delivery are breathtaking. A standing ovation is in order here.

Bypassing a speed metal piece that does not inspire much, we come to the driving “Headcase.” A mix of high energy electronics play alongside Lucia’s hypnotic vocals with explosive results. The vocal effects and sound manipulation are among the best on record. Thick bass encompasses the stunning “Not in My Name” where Lucia commands the helm once more. The backing vocals by Sasha & Company blend nicely with Lucia’s sultry delivery. Showing no room for a breather, the industrial laden “Spit of Swallow” is a powerhouse of intensity. Sasha pulls out all the stops here with his programming and lyrical forte. “Fait Accompli” showcases the band’s diverse sound designs with brilliance. There is an expansion into uncharted musical territory here that will leave imitators in the dust. Closing this sonic journey is the eerily beautiful “Burnaye.” Lucia’s penetrating voice seems to glide alongside a colorful wall of sound that finds its way into the subconscious.

In short, Tohuvabohu is nothing short of explosive. If you ask yourself what can KMFDM do for you? The answer is “KMFDM can blow your mind, rock your face off and jump start your heart.”

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