Smirk All You Want, We’ll Make War

Smirk All You Want, We’ll Make War

1 Up: The Kind of Nation That Could Elect Barack Obama President

We, yeah you too, are all sick and tired of bullshit. We are all thigh deep in it right now. No bullshit is, ostensibly, what the United States are all supposed to be about… except Virginia, that place is all about Love.

So, should American “International Relations” be based on bullshit? In a word, NO! It is, of course, necessary to keep secrets, but the very attempt to deceive the enemy involves deceiving the world, and bullshitting the American People. There is a valid argument that all of the various weights of shitpaint are necessary to preserve “Homeland Security”, but that argument assumes that we, as a nation, have the ability to bullshit any person, anywhere in the world, at any time. Richard Nixon, Abraham Lincoln, Eugene V. Debs, Harry Truman and a bunch of other people will tell you that’s impossible.

Well, where are Americans left? Are we left repeating the mistakes of the Roman, Holy Roman, Belgian, British, Moorish, Eggplant and Austrian Empires? Not if we stop the bullshit now. And Barack Obama has less bullshit.

In case none of you had noticed, Monsieur Obama possesses an epidermal layer which has been actively regenerated for almost fifty years. How much longer can this regeneration go on without his skin changing color? Really blimpheaded “important” people like KKKarl RRRove have to know… when will he finally become all ashy? That RRRove racism is old. The LLLimbaughs and the McMcMcHappyfaces will try and make you, the voter, believe that skin color is important. If skin color is more important than lack of bullshit, then “America” doesn’t exist.

He isn’t all that old either, which is good, because there has been less bovine accretion. Check your (possibly racist) shoes before you vote.

2 Up: A big couch

A great big comfy couch would be nice for all of us.

1 Down: The death of OSHA

The rape of American workers that began with Bushface taking down OSHA. This said, right off the bat, that Bushface’s administration was willing, for the sake of “liquidity”, to build a ziggurat of money atop a foundation of broken American bodies.

Ask me about how Bushface “took care” of the roads in Texas. If it weren’t for the diligent work of the officers of individual counties in Texas, there would be a heaping trowelful of archaeologists every mile, all trying to figure out which ancient civilization built these primitive roads.

Smirk all you want, we’ll make war.

Jokes aside, if you ever thought OSHA or their excellently (over more than twelve years) drafted ergonomics regulations were just some babble put out by overpaid government assholes, you are dead fucking wrong.

Just read the “Statement” by the “President”, you will recognize the claustrophobic stench of the middle of a twelve mile pile of bullshit. It’s funny that such early bullshit would be… well, so seminal.

2 Down: All of Us

We should all be ashamed of ourselves. As American citizens, we have failed the charter test. We have failed Preservation of the Republic 101. We, apparently, don’t give half a fuck about the Constitution of the United States. We are willing to kneel before the Kingsident… and his Pacemaker Ludi.

We should be ashamed that we haven’t impeached Dick Cheney yet.

“But hasn’t he protected us from terrorist attack(s)?”

He has swelled the terrorist rolls. Which organization? All of them.

PLEASE, impeach Dick Cheney first.

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