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Scott Baio is 45 and Single (VH1)- Episode 7

This is the end, Beautiful friend

This is the end, My only friend, the end.

Wow, no more Baio…..I wonder what other has been we can exploit for my viewing pleasure. Seriously though, are there any left that haven’t been thrust in the media spotlight for their 2nd chance at 15 minutes?

Doc Ali suggests that Scott go to see a lawyer about a pre-nup and shop for rings – as a test to see if these really are his issues, as he told her they were. She wants him to be prepared either way, but be prepared to make a decision to Renee. Renee had a session with Doc Ali where she told her that if he didn’t make some sort of commitment to her at the end of this, she was outta there. Can’t say I blame her, but, you’d think if you were dating Scott Baio, you’d know what you were in for.

Since Steve had to go and shop for a wedding band for his future Mrs, Scott went with so he could check things out. The entire time, Johnny V. is texting him more than a jilted girlfriend- it’s really sad. Scott said that he had been sending pictures of himself also. I think that Johnny V. needs Doc Ali’s help to find his own self. It’s clear he doesn’t know who he is without Scott. His texts were stuff like…‘Scott, why don’t you call me back? This isn’t over, you bastard’. Isn’t that something you’d text to an ex that you wanted to get back with?

Scott has a graduation party for himself, for making it through the Doc Ali weeks. Jason couldn’t be there, but Steve was and Johnny wasn’t invited. A few of the ex girlfriends were there- odd that they’d all be together but…  (Julie, if you are reading this, lose the out of style haircut and throw that hat in the trash) Julie and Renee go for a little chat which to me is the weirdest, after all, Julie’s the most bitter of his chicks. Things seem to be going nice and smoothly when Scott calls Renee over and they pan to a bouquet of flowers tucked out of site. I guess he IS going to marry her. In his smooth Brooklyn wop way…he proposes… (‘Renee, I’m ready to marry you now’) she doesn’t really say much at first, but then grins.  Scott’s voiceover was actually really sweet though, he said that all his reservations melted away when he kissed her after proposing. Renee, not to be outdone, leans in and whispers in his ear – ‘Guess what?’ And you just kinda see what’s coming next…it’s a bit cliche but cute nonetheless.  She tells him that they are having a baby.  The end shot is just his mouth catchin’ flies.

I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t show any other reaction to Renee’s news other than the mouth agape. After all, he did say a few times that he wanted to have kids of his own.  Now will we ever know what really happened? Or how he really felt about it at the time? I wonder if it was staged, if he knew that she was pregnant …. hmmmm.

Damn you Scott Baio- I have unanswered questions.

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