Saving Grace (TNT)

Saving Grace (TNT)

As a Holly Hunter fan (Come on, Copycat….Little Miss Firecracker…The Piano) when I heard about this show on TNT, I had to check it out. But, as a fallen Catholic, the religious aspect of the show had me running just like The Last Temptation of Christ and that Mel Gibson piece of shit. I thought, well, I’ll just watch the first episode and if the Jesus stuff is too much, I’ll just stop watching it. It’s not. Holly plays a detective, single, alcoholic, slutty as can be, but she’s been given a last chance from God to make her life right. It’s set in Oklahoma City, and her sister dies in the OKC bombing, leaving a son and husband behind. She does all that she can in her wild and backward way for her nephew.

In the first 15 minutes of the first episode, she’s drunk and buck naked riding a dude like she’s in the rodeo. I was a little put off by that to be honest but as in the context of the show, it makes sense. You see what her life is really like and frankly it’s a little disturbing. Her angel, Earl, first appears to her while she’s drunk and standing over the body of a man she’s run over. The man is actually a death row inmate, who had the same ‘dream’ as she did. Earl, offers her a last chance to make her life right and get right with God.  And we’re off…..

I’ve seen the first 5 episodes and have loved everyone of them. The way all these characters interact, the history between them it’s all brilliant. Bailey Chase is great as her ex-lover and current co-worker, Laura San Giacomo is wonderful as always as her best friend since childhood and scientist for the police force. Leon Rippy steals the show as the redneck, tobacco spitting angel, Earl. I hate to say, but the theme song by Everlast really ices the cake. Yes, I said that. It’s just that the song fits the show really really well.

TNT is becoming a major player in the TV game. Some of the shows they have been putting out are impressive to say the least. I’m still heartbroken that Tom Everett Scott’s show ‘Saved’ got axed. Bad TNT…. The Closer and Saving Grace are redeeming you.

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