Beat Beat Beat

Beat Beat Beat

Beat Beat Beat

Living In The Future

Dirtnap Records

In a simpler age, we were told “never trust anyone over 30.” Today’s generations of punk musicians have left that idealism behind with dial telephones and vinyl records, and nothing makes that teen age blood pump like an authentic 1977 guitar riff layered on a one-beat drum line. Atlanta based Beat Beat Beat sure gets the sound right; the equalization on “Psycho” could be The Damned’s “Neat Neat Neat.” Casual guitar works and semi-literate lyrics populate the disc, and influences mix like internal organs in a haggis. “Don’t Tell Me Now” could be a Husker Du b-side, and bits of the Germs, Buzzcocks, and Sham 69 lurk here. One thing I can’t detect is any sound that isn’t linked to early punk sounds. These guys are no cover band, but they sure can evoke memories of sweaty, smoky clubs with a fight lurking right out in the alley.

Dirtnap Records:

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