Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls

Broadway Calls

State of Mind/Small Man

Finding the balance between pop and punk is a tricky thing. For every Alkaline Trio and Green Day, there are 3,000 no-name pieces of garbage who make one half-ass album and disappear into oblivion. That’s why an album like Broadway Calls’ self titled debut full length makes me happy as little school girl. It’s got all of the elements I want (pogo beats, simple power chords, singable choruses and irresistible melodies), and none of the shit that turns my stomach (Blink 182-ian goofy cheese pop).

Since I received this album a couple weeks ago, not a day has gone by that I haven’t listened to the song “Bad Intentions.” This song is the central reason that this album grabbed me so quickly and passionately. It’s about a guy feeling guilty about screwing around with his friend’s girlfriend:

You’ve got me down on the floor, you try to convince me it’s right, but on the tip of my tongue, I know we’re destroying lives

…touchy subject matter, ya know, but fun!

This disc is front to back, bop your head, dance around and scream along, crank up your headphones worthy. Oh! And they do a sweet ass cover of The Smiths’ “A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours.” A fun little punk band that loves the Moz?! I’m sold!

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