Captain Yonder

Captain Yonder

Captain Yonder

Good-Bye, Woland!

One of the fun aspects of folk music is the wide variety of objects used as instruments. Captain Yonder features music boxes, a saw, a boot, an angel melody horn, and a POG – which last time I checked was a milk cap used in kid’s games. Besides this collection of yard sale oddities, there’s a guitar and cello and some other regular instruments. With them, Captain Yonder makes a pleasant, low-key collection of songs that sound sort of country, sort of folksy, and the sort of thing one would hope to hear at an old fashioned Hootenanny. I recommend the creepy “Ode to A Trucker #9,” reminiscent of one of those haunted hitchhiker stories best told around a campfire late at night. “Black Dress” feels like an ancient Kentucky Hills lament, and there’s the traditional murder ballad “On the Banks of the Ohio.” All in all this is a very pleasant disc, new enough to hold your interest, yet familiar enough to not require intense thinking.

Captain Yonder:

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