Cuesta Drive

Cuesta Drive

Cuesta Drive

Where the Palm Trees Grow

Spade Productions

At first listen I thought this was a crossover Latin Rock disc, particularly with the band originating in the central valley of California. Hispanic influence lurks under these mature yet macho rock songs, and if nothing else it shows multiculturalism can work. “Pasatiempo” open the record with an arrangement recalling Carlos Santana – stellar guitar solos and brass over a galloping drum and rhythm section. The clever arrangements and lyrics that alternate between sexy and lonely are a perfect set up for the centerpiece of the album, “Where the Palm Trees Grow.” The singer (Dane Drewis) gives us a ballad of a trip to Mexico, with a sexy hitchhiker that ends up as an idyllic love story. This is a clear contender for an Easy Rock Station hot rotation, and does best what a good pop song should – take an emotion, and amplify it. Cuesta Drive is a real gem; get over to you local hipster record shop and demand they order it for you.

Cuesta Drive:

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