Down To Earth Approach

Down To Earth Approach

Down To Earth Approach

Come Back To You


If what you’re looking for in a CD is a little bit of brainless but hummable tunes to act as a soundtrack to your walk through the local mall food court, than Down To Earth Approach’s Come Back To You is for you.

Every track is a love song, and the melodies are as predictable and played out as a WB TV series.

I’d rather die than wait now/ ‘Cause I’ve been through hell and I wouldn’t want/ anyone else’s love – from “Anyone Else.”

I want to see every city/ With you by my side/ And every night we’ll get married/ and every day say goodbye/ When the lights go out behind me/ I want to turn and wrap your arms around me – from “Just Say So.”

You and me on the phone in the evening/ you and me, we both know you’re in love… and aren’t you amazed at all? You’re in love – from “The Wizard.”

Here’s an interesting fact, vocalist Jonathen Lullo says the word “love” a total of 19 times on this album. And I’m not even counting the times he says “honey” or “baby.” These songs are so sappy they could be in a Meg Ryan movie. Here’s another interesting fact, the band is breaking up after their current tour ends. I’m guessing he’ll write some sweet and sappy breakup tunes about it and start a new band very soon.

Down to Earth Approach:

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