Lancaster Transit

Lancaster Transit

Lancaster Transit

Aliens and Strangers


The laid-back vibes and feel-good rhythms of Lancaster Transit are in direct contrast to the emo avalanche happening right now. You almost get the feeling that LT never have a bad day and if they do, they probably don’t write about it. I’m not complaining; I’ve had enough of teen angst, especially when it’s yelled into my eardrums.

LT are not about rocking the house or even rock at all. They specialize in chill-out beats that are a tad more on the indie pop side than electronica. To educated ears, they are reminiscent of groups such as the Postal Service, Finechina and Trembling Blue Stars. The main difference is Melissa Lancaster, the duo’s female lead. She has a soft, inviting voice as tasty as ripe strawberries. On “Entropy” and “I Delight,” Lancaster’s soothing vocals are delightfully supported by starry-eyed synthesizers. The keyboards sound low-budget (or perhaps that’s simply the recording), but that was the intention here; LT are never in your face.

The group labels themselves as Christian; however, this is not a band which will divide believers and non-believers. You can find a religious or secular context to these tracks depending on what you’re looking for.

Lancaster Transit:

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