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Sweden’s Pistol Disco have one of the better names I’ve heard in quite a while, even if it doesn’t quite do an accurate job of betraying their sound; there’s no disco to be found within several hundred miles of 2. This duo’s use of electronics and pedals has more in common with Chromatics or even noise purveyors like Wolf Eyes than they do with Donna Summer or Meco. On tracks like “Aamensa” and “Laamdar” the beats are relentless – but only occasionally driving – with the sound of clashing iron spilling out haphazardly as the “melody.” It’s mesmerizing stuff, if you’ve got the stomach for abrasive free-for-alls. Clashing with this aesthetic are numbers like “Kstara,” which smooths out the ridges so completely barely a ripple breaks the surface of the trance-like drone it creates. It’s fitting that a cover of electro-rock progenitors Suicide’s “Cheree” would tie it all together. There are washes of texture throughout where the white noise feels on the verge of peaking, before it’s gradually restrained in comparatively taciturn pink noise territories. Pushing the boundaries in both directions can be a very rewarding experience, but so is songwriting. 2 takes a tinnitus-inducing route to hit all these points.

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