Revolution Mother

Revolution Mother

Revolution Mother

Glory Bound

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Pro skater Mike Vallely has got a band as bad-ass as his daredevil footwork. Revolution Mother’s debut disc, Glory Bound, embodies the freedom-searching spirit of skate punks everywhere and crashes it straight into the loud-as-they-wanna-be/amp-turned-up-to-11 power of classic rock and metal bands dating back to the ’70s. Actually, the album is much closer to the big ROCK of yesteryear than to the California punk rock that you’d probably assume someone like Mike V. would steer towards. Aside from V’s tendencies to tread on Henry Rollins’ lyrical territory and vocal mannerisms, the band more closely resembles Black Sabbath (and they cover Ozzy’s old crew to further drill the point home, “Hole In The Sky”).

“Do or Die” bears the title line of “Glory Bound,” which is accomplished – as explained by V in his band’s bio – “If you’re always up and you’re always willing to go out there to make things happen, you’re glory bound.” The positive messages in the words could very easily slip into complete cheese if the heaviness wasn’t there to balance the sap with a huge punch.

The central song here is “Above the Crawl,” which is enough on its on to give this band credibility.

And, let me just add, these guys put on an amazing live show!

Revolution Mother:

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