Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup

Bowling For Soup

The Great Burrito Extortion Case


There are a number of indisputable truths about life: the inevitability of death and taxes are the two most obvious, but another, lesser-known truism is the fact that a joke will eventually wear thin if repeated often enough.

The problem is, no-one seems to have told Bowling For Soup.

The Great Burrito Extortion Case is the punk-pop quartet’s seventh album and after achieving a Grammy nomination thanks to such mildly amusing, goofy ditties as “1985” and “Girl All The Bad Guys Want”, and to borrow from modern cultural parlance, it demonstrates how Bowling For Soup have “jumped the shark.”

Trademark tongue-in-cheek material such as “Val Kilmer” and “I’m Gay” is irritating and excruciating in equal measure, while “High School Never Ends” is formulaic and derivative of almost every other song the band has released. The only track that rises above the mediocrity is “When We Die,” and even that is a Butch Walker cast-off.

The trouble with The Great Burrito Extortion Case is that we’ve all heard the punchline too many times before.

Bowling For Soup:

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