Double Moon

Despite having a Iranian/Persian front woman who sings in her native tongue and a backing group of German musicians, Cyminology’s Bemun feels woefully close to the staid strains of vocal jazz filling the coffee shop sections of Borders bookstores. Lead singer Cymin Samawatie’s bop calisthenics are pleasant enough and she’s gifted with a pleasant timbre and range, but her singing in a foreign language is not that intrinsically interesting. The same can be said of the smooth sounds supporting her scats; the piano-heavy arrangements are well-played and agreeable, but there’s nothing in their flavor remotely Teutonic enough to differentiate them from any of their American contemporaries. Jazz and world music fans hard up for a slightly different interpretation on a familiar style will likely find some things to enjoy here — use the title track as an indicator — but for anyone looking for a truly unique listening experience would be served looking elsewhere.

Double Moon:

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