Death Is Not Glamorous

Death Is Not Glamorous

Death Is Not Glamorous

Wide Eyes

Run For Cover

Norweigan hardcore by way of the American post-hardcore Jersey movement.

This young and raucous band of boys from Norway have slipped into the music scene like the bastard sons of Lifetime and Token Entry. Their sound is melodic hardcore, the sort that’s singable without being at the pop end of the punk spectrum. Their MySpace page cites New Found Glory as an influence, but I won’t hold that against them (and, for the record, I don’t hear it). “Assets,” “Bring It Back,” “Close Knit” – these are classic hardcore pit songs in the flesh. And that’s just the beginning; the album’s full of ‘em! And, in keeping true to the genre, every song is well under the three minute mark! Small bursts, rest for 2 seconds, and then burst once more.

One listen to Wide Eyes and you’ll smell the sweaty, dank clubs in which they’re sure to play and destroy.

Run For Cover Records:

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