Gina Gershon

Gina Gershon

Gina Gershon

In Search of Cleo


The bad ass from Bound, the punk rock tattoo artist from Prey For Rock ‘n’ Roll, has found her musical muse and it’s not who you might think it would be. On the Hollywood star’s debut album of original music, In Search of Cleo, she taps into her inner Patsy Cline and creates a surprisingly authentic country/jazz album.

But back up, let’s take a second to explain what inspired this latest actor-gone-musician to take the plunge. Of all the quirky concepts, this batch of songs actually sprung from Gershon’s true life search and recovery of her lost cat, Cleo. An entire record inspired by a cat. I’m the biggest cat lover in the world, but that’s weird!… then again, I’ve got a tattoo of my favorite cat on my wrist, so I really shouldn’t judge.

So as eccentric as the concept might be, the music is not bad — at moments it’s damn good — and despite the title and album cover photo there’s actually no direct references to the mysterious cat.

The album opener “Watch Over Me” is a sultry torch song beneath which you can almost smell the cigarettes and scotch. “Pretty Girls on Prozac” and “Pearl” are both playful Laurie Anderson-like ditties that break the seriousness of the album. “Lost At Sea” features a “bad ass guitar solo” by Slash, and “La Di Dah” was co-written by Linda Perry and sounds like an outtake from Concrete Blonde’s Mexican Moon.

For now this rarity is only available through Gershon’s website, and she’s also scheduled an eight show run at The Box in NYC, a show complete with a full band and even a few dancers. This off Broadway event is to be produced and directed by Alex Steyermark, her Prey For Rock ‘n’ Roll director.

Gina Gershon:

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