Jupiter One

Jupiter One

Jupiter One


Cordless Recordings /Warner Music Group

This NYC mini-orchestra doesn’t merely create new wave nuggets like many of their ’80s inspired peers, they create tiny masterpieces in the form of new-wave-colored symphonies.

Vocalist K Ishibashi — whose skills are not limited to frontman duties, he handles guitar and violin as well — has a voice that sounds similar to both The Police-era Sting and Peter Gabriel. The entire band (5 folks) brings a volcano of talent (most particularly Zac Colwell who is credited with vocals, guitar, keyboards, and flute), but its Ishibashi who grounds this band in the realm of beautifully groovable, and not too otherworldly.

Admittedly I don’t know too much about this band. I saw them open for The Wildbirds and fell in love, and in the rarest of happenings — their CD is actually better than their live sound! The textures are more layered, the vocals more cuddly. Songs that I liked in concert (“Countdown,” “Turn Up the Radio,” and “Wrong Line”), I absolutely love on disc! And it doesn’t stop there, there is not a bad song to be found! Even the strange, Pink Floyd-ian ending song “Way To the Floating Hospital/The Miracle of Flight” is wonderfully dreamy albeit weird and spacey.

Jupiter One: www.jupiterone.com

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