Lez Zeppelin

Lez Zeppelin

Lez Zeppelin

Lez Zeppelin

Emanation Records

Timing is everything in the music industry. Shortly after the release of Lez Zeppelin’s self-titled EP, the real deal of Page, Plant et al announced plans for a reunion show in London.

The NYC-based female rockers provide an astonishingly faithful representation of Led Zeppelin’s blues rock genius on the eight tracks offered here, and recruiting former Zep producer Eddie Kramer to give the songs a classic feel was nothing short of a masterstroke.

Vocalist Sarah McLellan gives a fresh perspective to classics like “Whole Lotta Love” and you have to admire the bravery of a group of talented musicians in their own right who attempt to copy such an unparalleled, enduring band.

Indeed, despite the presence of a couple of original tracks, the band can’t escape accusations that they are merely a good novelty act, but having said that, the lure of the filthy lucre means they probably don’t want to come across as anything else; after all, the offers should come in thick and fast once the Led Zep bandwagon gets rolling again.

Lez Zeppelin: http://www.lezzeppelin.com

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