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Escape the Fate

Escape the Fate

Dying is Your Latest Fashion


The boys in Escape the Fate think very highly of themselves. “We’re gonna be the biggest thing, “ proclaims vocalist Ronnie. Will their debut full-length Dying is Your Latest Fashion bring them to the top of the heap and offer them the hundreds of thousands of naked breasts they have also lay claimed to earning?

Most definitely not… but it will garner them plenty of teenage screamo groupie-dom and a headlining tour or two. They’ll get the magazine covers, they’ll get some record sales, but is this album (this band) any good?

Of course not! It’s the same old tired emo-meets-metal screamfest that has been beaten to death and then dug up and beaten once more! These guys bounce back and forth between death metal guttural screams and the adolescent whines that go along with saccharine pop punk melodies that hurt my throat just to hear them.

Musically these guys aren’t bad. They’ve got a handle on metal riffs and catchy chord combinations – “Situations” is a song strong enough to almost make me tolerate this album – but the bizarre vocal extremes make it hard to take this band seriously. Choose a style and go with it; you can’t be Slayer and Aiden.

Escape the Fate:

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