Foreign Born

Foreign Born

Foreign Born

On the Wing Now

Dim Mak

Foreign Born have arrived from the smoggy, overpopulated music world of Los Angeles, and they are here to satisfy the void left in your heart from the maturation/mass popularization of U2 and the on again/off again status of Jesus & Mary Chain. The band is young enough to still care about the music they make, and naive enough to think that if they make a stellar record, people will listen.

I’m listening… incessantly.

On the Wing Now, the band’s first full-length, is a rare example of album perfection. Every song tells a story, and each one is a keeper in the greater scheme of the whole. This is not a song-by-song album, it’s vintage full-length quality; the kind that is rarely made anymore.

If I must choose a few tracks as a jumping-off point, they’re “Into Your Dream,” “It Wasn’t Said to Ask,” and “Never Wrong.” Also check out the Morrissey-recalling “Don’t Take Back Your Time,” the intro guitar sounds just like “Tomorrow” off Your Arsenal.

Dim Mak has found itself a goldmine in Foreign Born.

Dim Mak:

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