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Hot Springs

Hot Springs



Any girl who not only praises the clitoris, but celebrates the eternal quest for such in a song has a pretty good shot at winning me over! When said woman also happens to have the bastard voice child of Bjork and Carla Bozulich (of Geraldine Fibbers and Ethyl Meatplow), and her band plays Yeah Yeahs Yeahs styled indie rock jacked up with sexualized classic rock sounds… I AM SOLD!

Hot Springs have quietly put together one hell of a debut with the appropriately titled Volcano. This Montreal, Canada-based quartet should be burning down your town any day now, or at the very least burying you neck deep in songs that will make you want to strip off your clothes and roll around in burning ash. They’re sexy, they’re hook filled without being overdone, and they’re exotic in their current anonymity. Discover them NOW before everyone and their mother is raving about how great they are!

Broken down simply, the songs for you to tune into are “Headrush,” “Tiny Islands,” “Gotta DJ” and of course the song that would make even the straightest girl in the world jump her best friend on a drunken night, “Pink Money.”

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